About me

My name is Damien Aicheh. I have been developing mobile applications since 2015. I am based in the city of Rennes, which is in the west part of France.

My experience

I am passionate about mobile development. I started developing apps using Android. Now I work with iOS and UWP as well.

I’m always searching for ways to make apps better. I’ve tested a lot of cross-platform mobile technologies such as, Cordova, Ionic, React Native.

In 2016 I started working with Xamarin and since the end of 2018 I’m working with Flutter too. I found that these two technologies have the potentials of doing really beautiful apps depending on your needs. It’s also the best way to continue using and improving my native skills.

I use Microsoft tools such as Xamarin, Visual Studio, TFS, UWP, Azure DevOps, App Center, as well as the native development environments, Android Studio and XCode. I use some Google tools too like Flutter and Firebase with Visual Studio Code.

About this site

I decided to create this site because I like to share my knowledge. It’s for me a good way to help other developers doing their own mobile apps.

Feel free to contact me with Twitter if you have any questions or if there is anything you want to discuss !