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MVVM code generator tool for .NET

Posted by Damien Aicheh on 07/31/2019 · 1 min

MVVM code generator tool for .NET

I created this tool to avoid writing boilerplate code for my ViewModels. This tool is built on top of the Rosyln .NET compiler.

Let’s discover it here!


Why using this NuGet?

When you develop your project you always define a lot of properties and commands in your ViewModels. This result in dozens and tens lines that do not allow a quick reading of your file.

The idea of this NuGet is simple, you just define your commands and properties with a single line in a specific XML file, you rebuild your project and you are good to go!

This NuGet has different advantages:

  • Avoid writing boilerplate code
  • Your properties and commands are declared using the same conventions
  • Reduce the amount of code in your ViewModels
  • The ViewModels only contains the more important code
  • Migrate from one MVVM Framework to another easily
  • It support different MVVM Frameworks

MvvmCodeGenerator now support these MVVM Frameworks:


I wrote a complete documentation, just follow my previous tutorial about it.

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