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Mobile Versioning

Azure DevOps tasks to manage your applications version

Posted by Damien Aicheh on 12/19/2019 · 1 min

Azure DevOps tasks to manage your applications version

I created this tool to easily manage the version of my applications using Azure DevOps and Git.

Let’s discover it here!

Mobile Versioning Tasks

Why using these tasks?

When developing an application you always need to manage different environments and versions for your application. To deliver a new version of your project, one way to do it will be:

  • Upgrade the version of your application in code
  • Commit your code
  • Add a new version tag to your Git repository
  • Start your pipeline to generate your new application package

This kind of process is too long and error prone, while the only thing you want is to have the same version between your Git tag and your application package delivered. So why not just read the Git tag?

Introducing Mobile Versions tasks

To solve this problem I developed a new set of Azure DevOps tasks called Mobile Versioning, easy to use in your pipeline and free. This group of tasks provide a way to extract the version from a Git repository tag and apply this version to your mobile application as you want.


I wrote a complete documentation, just follow my previous tutorial about it.

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