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Setup your Azure DevOps projects with Terraform

Harmonize your projects

Posted by Damien Aicheh on 10/23/2022 · 2 mins

In this series of tutorial you will discover how to setup your Azure DevOps projects with Terraform. The goal is to save you time when configuring a new project inside Azure DevOps and to keep consistency between your projects.

What do you need?

To be able to do this series entirely you will need:


Here is a little diagram of what we want to achieve:


The Terraform scripts will define everything you need inside Azure DevOps such as:

  • the project name
  • the repositories
  • the policies associated to your repositories
  • potential default files such as a basic
  • a default pipeline
  • etc..

This will help you to automatically generate the same base configuration for all your projects and to keep consistency. Which is important because:

  • You have everything made in the same way
  • All your teams can easily switch between projects and won’t be lost by the structure
  • You save time and avoid boring and repetitive configuration for your future projects

To achieve this we will use the official Microsoft/azuredevops Terraform provider. All the code source for each part will be available on GitHub.


Below you can find the list of the topics for this series:

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