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Azure DevOps task to easily find the correct version of your application

Posted by Damien Aicheh on 01/09/2020 · 2 mins

Azure DevOps task to easily find the correct version of your application

I created this tool to easily differentiate the version of my applications on my devices using Azure DevOps.

Let’s discover it here!

Launch Icon Badge

Why using this task?

When you develop a mobile application you always have different versions and each one has a specific environment. During the entire life of your project you switch between each versions to try new features or to correct some bugs. To do that you often have different versions of your application in the same device and you have a different identifier for each versions. This will end up with this kind of problematics:

Duplicates icons

As you can see above you can’t easily know on your device which icon correspond to a version of your application. Another solution will be to differenciate the name for each version of your application but if it’s too long it will be cut off on display. So why not just add a banner above of your application icon?

Introducing Launch Icon Badge task

To solve this problem I developed a new Azure DevOps task called Launch Icon Badge, easy to use in your pipeline and free. This task provide you a way to add the environment version name and the version number directly on your application icon. This work only for png files.

Note that this task will work not only for a mobile application project but also for all projects that have a use of icons whatever the technology you use.


I wrote a complete documentation, just follow my previous tutorial about it.

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