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Rocket Chat Hook Notification

Azure DevOps task for Rocket Chat

Posted by Damien Aicheh on 02/24/2021 · 1 min

Azure DevOps task to easily notify your team using Rocket Chat

I created this tool to notify teammates when the build or the deployment is done in an Azure DevOps pipeline. The task will send a message automatically to the right Rocket Chat channel or user.

Let’s discover it here!

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Why using this task?

When you work with your team on a project, it is more likely that you would use a chat tool to communicate with your teammates.

In your projects, you would probably have multiple pipelines for development, stagging, production and so on to test and distribute your application. In some cases, you would be notified when some particular steps were done, this where hooking with Rocket Chat plays its role.

Introducing Rocket Chat Hook Notification task

To solve this problem I developed a new Azure DevOps task called Rocket Chat Hook Notification, easy to use in your pipeline and free. This task provide a great way to keep the team informed about build and release events.


I wrote a complete documentation, just follow my previous tutorial about it.

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